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Rebecca Walsh

Hike Like A Woman

Rebecca Walsh

Welcome to Hike Like A Woman

Where Outdoor Women Connect Online & In-person

About Us...

We believe in...

Messy hair. Sun-kissed cheeks. Epic summits. Lazy Sunday strolls. Friendship. Silliness. Dancing down trails. Community. Snacks. Splashing in Waterfalls. Kindness. Campfires. Snowflakes. Sleeping Bags. Love.

How We Got Started

March 22, 2014: The Hike Like A Woman Facebook page is launched while we try to figure out what we want HLAW to be and get our website built.

First draft of our logo is built. We've come a long way...https://www.facebook.com/hikelikeawoman/photos/a.1389426314615509/1429945220563618/?type=3&theater

August 2014: We know that we want to build a community so we start doing Google Hangouts about outdoor topics. And then realize that we can't sustain weekly Google Hangouts so we quit.

December 2014: Rebecca's 2015 Goals...To hike/ski/snowshoe 365 miles with her young kids, to launch the HLAW website, to publish her first book.

February 1, 2015: HLAW website launched!

June 25, 2015: We hit 2,500 "likes" Facebook

Summer 2016: We announce the start of our Ambassador Program and select women for our first round of Ambassadors. We also hit 14,000 Facebook "likes"--that was a big deal to us at the time :)

December 2016: We launch the HLAW podcast, a weekly show where we interviewed badass outdoor woman.

2016/2017: We dabble in the world of challenges and online classes and experiment with starting our hiking groups, a digital magazine, developing a leadership team, contributor team, private community etc. While we partner with some of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry we realize that we're overstressed. Most of what we try to do doesn't stick or work but we keep experimenting to try to find out the best way to serve our community of rad women hikers.

July 2017: We hike a section of the Continental Divide Trail with a film crew to produce a video for Wyoming Tourism.

October 2017: Rebecca is featured as a panelist at the Wild Woman's Adventurer Summit

June 2018: Our YouTube channel hits 282 subscribers!

October 2018: Rebecca speaks at the Outdoor Blogger Summit and HLAW continues to grow with various Ambassadors giving speeches, presentations and leading hikes in their communities.

March 2019: We decide to focus our efforts less on online interactions and more on in-person interactions. We make a few staffing and leadership changes and focus less on brand partnerships and more on our community. We switch to live video so you can meet the "real us"--not the polished version behind the screen. We go back to our roots and strive to do a better job of serving our community again.  That's why we're here to make this experience genuine and authentic for you.


A Big Thanks

A huge thank you to you, our readers, listeners, fellow adventurers and loyal fans who have stood by us as we've evolved, made mistakes, learned and grown over the past 5 years. We heart you. We really do. 

Also a huge thank you to women who have served or are currently serving on our Ambassador & Leadership teams. These women work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our community what it is. I'm forever grateful for you.

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